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How productive could your staff really be?

Your staff may have a job description or role profile that describes the outcomes they have to do but how much of the day does it take for them to achieve those outcomes?
If the processes they use to get the results could be quicker, how much more effective and efficient might they be?
These are just a taste of what can be achieved with a little learning:

  • Microsoft EXCEL: Selecting an entire range of data with 2 keystrokes, rather than struggling to use the mouse, click and drag method
  • Microsoft EXCEL: Create a column chart from a selected data range in one keystroke
  • Microsoft WORD: Insert repetitive used paragraphs or pages into documents in seconds without copy and pasting from other documents
  • Microsoft WORD: Create a Table of Contents in under 10 seconds complete with Heading Titles and Page Numbers
  • Microsoft OUTLOOK: Create Calendar Appointments, Tasks or Contacts directly from emails
  • Microsoft POWERPOINT: Use PowerPoint Show file format to avoid the need to open PowerPoint and the saved file before running the show.

And, if you have a specific set of training needs, you can have one of our Microsoft Certified Trainers create a bespoke training syllabus that:

  • Delivers precisely what you and your team needs
  • Addresses your business specific CPD requirements
  • Can also be tailored to deliver a learning process that works for your people or organisation.

This means that whether your team need professional or commercial skills the training courses we provide can be created to meet their needs and provide the launching pad for them to discover, learn and achieve more. Discover how to get your team’s productivity onto the fast track, email us for more information or call 01634 512345  to discuss what you want to achieve.

Office 2013/Office365 Rollout and Upgrades:

We also work with larger companies and IT organisations to assist in Pre and Post Software Rollouts and Office upgrades in order to make the transition between older and new versions less agonising or nerve-racking.

  • Pre-Rollout Seminars/Training
  • Floorwalking during Rollouts
  • New Feature Staff Support and Training

Pre-Course - Online Training Needs Analysis Forms

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“F-Keys doesn't do "training by the book" - all courses are well thought through and applicable to the audience. Practical examples, useful ways of remembering how to do things. After attending one of F-Keys the courses on Excel I found out that I was spending hours doing what could be done with a few key strokes. Highly recommended!” - David Ferdinando MAPM.

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