"How to" heaven!

You’ll find a selection of useful guides to solve those knotty challenges that arise.  If you’ve ever said ‘there must be an easier way ...’ check here for a guide – you’re probably absolutely right!

The following Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks may be used freely providing they are printed and distributed as is and with no amendments or alterations being made in any way.

Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks Sheet (PDF)

Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks Sheet (PDF)

Microsoft OneNote Addin - OneTastic Office 2013 and Office 2016

Telephone Computer Scam - Warning Poster - Download and Distribute freely

How to Deactivate Linkedin's default use of your Name and Photo for Social Advertising (PDF)

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Selling by Email - 5 Mistakes most people make...


Think you know how to use Word, Excel - in fact any of the Microsoft Office suite - then think again!

When I was offered training on Office 2010 - my initial response was to roll my eyes and think - "but I know how to use it!" But the more I thought about it - the more I realised that - I hadn't been on any training, hadn't read any books on how to use it - but instead (like I guess the most of us) just muddled my way through and posed questions to the office floor when I get stuck "does anybody know how to…." In just a couple of hours, Alex will - amaze and astonish you on how easy office CAN become by simplifying some of those repetitive tasks that we all have our own unique but frustrating way of doing. At the end of the training you are left feeling excited at the prospect that Office will become 'smoother' from now on and itching to get back to your desk to start practicing the new short-cuts you have learned. Alex is an absolute Office star - you just won't believe how easy he will make it!

Dean Martin (Business Computer Solutions - Ramsgate)

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